Your delivery in a few clicks

Make your delivery in a few clicks

  • Urgent Deliveries

  • E-commerce Deliveries

  • Real time tracking

We are the logistics partner that your online store needs!

Our goal is to meet growing demand in the transportation industry, especially e-commerce, through national partnerships and special plans for online stores and marketplaces.


Meet the needs of our customers with seriousness, quality and continuous innovation, ensuring a lasting and satisfactory relationship.


Be the leader in the fast delivery business for e-commerce throughout the state of São Paulo until the next two years.


Flexibility, security and speed in providing urgent delivery logistics services and reverse solutions.

Our customers trust us

Uptogo Express
Urgent deliveries. Order the nearest supplier to meet your needs immediately.
Uptogo E‑Commerce
Fast delivery mode for the next day, up to 18 hours. Order pickup for free.
Online tracking
Track your delivery in real time through our geolocation system.

Uptogo Express D+0

  • Same day urgent deliveries.
  • Objects protected against theft and damage.
  • Workers allocated exclusively to each request.
  • Delivery steps notifications.
  • Real time tracking through geolocation.

Uptogo E‑Commerce D+1

  • Free withdrawal when more than 5 objects.
  • Deliveries for the next day until 18 hours.
  • Objects protected against theft and damage.
  • Strategically integrated dispatch points.
  • Delivery steps notifications.

Get the app

Always looking to innovate, we launched our mobile app, allowing our customers to track their deliveries in real time, ensuring security, convenience and mobility for everyone.Google Play badge

Shipping Places

You can leave objects for dispatch in the following locations
  • Rua Joaquim Floriano, 1.050 - Itaim Bibi, São Paulo - SP
  • Rua Joaquim Távora, 1.076 - Vila Mariana, São Paulo - SP
  • Rua Dom Antônio de Alvarenga, 40 - Vila Gumercindo, São Paulo - SP
  • Soon we will serve more regions


We specialize in high performance e-commerce deliveries